Last Updated: January 23, 2017

Definition - What does Aromatic mean?

Aromatic is the characteristic of having a pleasant or distinctive odor or scent.

The scent of a flower is the result of a chemical combination of acids and alcohol that produces an essential oil. Aroma is manufactured at the base of hairs or trichomes that occur on all parts of the plant and are transmitted by alcohol to the bloom or foliage.

MaximumYield explains Aromatic

Aromatic plants are planted in the garden specifically for their distinctive smell and include everything from the spring blooming tulips to plants that bloom later in the summer, like lavender, hyssop, or herbal gardens. Lilacs are known for their unique, distinctive aromatic blooms.

Plants that produce aromatic substances are not just enjoyed in the garden, but used to make commercial perfumes, cooking amendments, air fresheners, and even for medicinal purposes.

The science of using aromatic plants to treat certain conditions is called aromatherapy and is used to treat headaches, stress, sleep disorders, and other conditions.

Other aromatic plants are also known for their flavor and are harvested for use in the kitchen as herbs and spices.

The foliage or blooms of certain aromatic plants retain their fragrance and can be dried and stored or hung in a house, providing a sweet scent for months to come.

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