Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Arbor Mean?

An arbor is a garden structure built usually with wood that is placed along a walkway to grow vines.

Arbors come in many designs and are generally built the width of a walkway with an arched top and tall enough for the average person to walk under.


Maximum Yield Explains Arbor

Arbors are usually built with slats or lattice on the sides and top in order to grow climbing roses or another vine on. Clematis, honeysuckle vine, and bittersweet are all popular plants for the arbor.

The distinctive curved top and faceplate can also be of endless designs, with the faceplate often colorfully painted. Often the faceplate is ornately cut into an elegantly curved design.

Almost every big box store or garden center has arbors readily available in standardized, prefab form, or an arbor can be of a completely unique design custom built by or for the owner.

Arbors can also be made of metals and are quite striking as the bronze or copper oxidizes. Although not as common, an arbor can also be built of stone, but there needs to be an adequate foundation extending down below the frost line or the structure will soon fall.


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