What Does Anther Mean?

In plants, anthers refer to the parts of the plant’s stamen which produce pollen. Borne on the plant’s stalk, anthers are commonly attached to the middle area or base of the filament. These tend to be two-lobed and contain four distinctive microsporangia. Anthers display locules on either side, and these can eventually fuse into one single locule.


Maximum Yield Explains Anther

There are three ways in which an anther can attach itself to the plant’s filament:

  • Dorsifixed: In this case, the anther attaches itself to the filament’s center. Unlike other forms of attachment, these anthers are versatile and can be moved around.
  • Pseudobasifixed: The plant’s connective tissue tends to extend in a tube-shape around the filament where the anther is attached.
  • Basifixed: This particular type of attachment refers to when the anthers connect to the base of the filament.

Because of their connection to the stamen’s filaments, anthers play a crucial role in plant pollination. Anthers also contain the plant’s pollen.


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