Definition - What does Fugacious mean?

In botany, fugacious refers to short-lived leaves and flowers that wither and fall away from the mother plant within just a few hours or days. Some perennials are short-lived and renew once new seedlings replace the parent plant. Most perennials plants germinate, flourish, produce seedling, and die within the span of just a few weeks.

MaximumYield explains Fugacious

Spring ephemerals are fugacious flowers that mainly develop in the aerial parts of a plant, such as in the leaves or stems. As these only bloom in the spring, they quickly die and leave behind their bulbs, rhizomes, and roots. Examples of spring ephemerals include Harbinger of Spring and Spring Beauties.

Several desert plants are also fugacious since they only grow after rare rainfalls. They then reproduce and die before the next desert drought. A popular desert ephemeral is the Alyssum Alyssoide. Some desert ephemerals undergo seed dormancy during drier climates and only spring to life again after the next rainfall.

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