Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Aggregate Mean?

An aggregate is a combination of two or more materials in order to form one. In landscaping, this generally entails a combination of stone and cement.

An aggregate patio block, for example, is one where cement is used as a base to form the actual block, and small pebbles, usually river rock, which are set into it as the surface material.


Maximum Yield Explains Aggregate

Almost any garden structure or walkway can be an aggregate because an aggregate is a simple process for a unique, do-it-yourself garden feature, as long as there is a small, preferably smooth stone readily available and a medium such as cement to press it into.

Birdbaths, garden ornaments, and garden statues are also often aggregate. Again, cement is used to form the base and small stones are pressed into it.

Aggregate is a common landscape feature most often used for walkways that have been built of aggregate patio stone or for garden statuary.


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