Definition - What does Climbing mean?

Climbing is a growth habit where a plant's vines or other part naturally grows vertically by supporting its weight on a tree, wall, fence, trellis, or other surface.

Climbing enables a plant to grow in conditions that normally wouldn’t be suitable for herbaceous plants. In forest conditions where the larger trees would normally shade out smaller, herbaceous plants, climbers are able to latch onto a tree and grow upwards to where sunlight is more readily available.

Horticulturalists may choose to grow climbing plants over an arbor or pergola, or on a trellis or fence.

MaximumYield explains Climbing

In the natural world, climbing plants support their weight on sturdy tree trunks or by a vine growing over and throughout bushes or undergrowth. An advantage for the climbing plant is that the amount of sunlight the entire plant receives is maximized, which helps it produce more abundant fruit.

Grapes are climbing plants that are pruned and trained to grow on wire trellises. Ivy climbs by adhering itself to a host plant or on any other structure. Climbing roses are popular for their climbing habit.

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