Last updated: January 23, 2017

What Does Abiotic Mean?

Abiotic is a term used to categorize anything that is not derived directly from living organisms. Abiotic is usually used to describe physical, rather than biological things.

Of interest to horticulturists are abiotic diseases and disorders, which can damage or kill plants. Abiotic disorders include moisture and temperature extremes, chemical toxicity, nutrient deficiencies and unfavorable soil properties.


Maximum Yield Explains Abiotic

There are a variety of abiotic factors that are responsible for a plant's well-being. The factors include (but are not limited to) temperature, light, soil structure, moisture in air and chemicals prevalent in soil and water. The varieties of abiotic factors are responsible for the types of plants that can grow in a particular location. For example, it might be impossible to grow rosemary in a desert due to some abiotic factors such as a high temperature and insufficient soil moisture levels.


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