Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Ecad Mean?

An ecad is a type of plant that has evolved to live in a very distinct area. When the seeds of a plant that has only ever grown in the open expanse and sunshine-laden fields are transplanted to the shade of a forest and they produce plants then the plants are called ecads. The new plant adapts and grows outside its typical environment. It manages to thrive in the new location despite diversity. Such a plant becomes known as an ecad.


Maximum Yield Explains Ecad

An ecad plant is any species of plant that can successfully invade and flourish in two or more diverse locations. The seeds produced by such a plant are also known as ecads and share the same survival mechanisms of adaptation as the parent plant.

The ecad seeds usually grow plants that show different characteristics of the parent plant because the seeds have evolved to survive in the new location. Such seeds may produce plants that are smaller, larger, have different stems, or distinctively diverse foliage.

All of the new changes exhibited by the ecad seeds and ecad plants are a form of evolution. The parent plant has passed down to its seeds the necessary changes required to thrive in the new ecosystem.


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