Ultrasonic Fogger

Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Ultrasonic Fogger Mean?

Commonly used in hydroponic systems, ultrasonic foggers are designed to create a fine mist that carries nutrients to the plants’ roots. These improve oxygen flow to the roots while creating a humid atmosphere for the plants to thrive in and grow. Depending on the type of crop, this apparatus can be used with ebb and flow systems or aeroponic misters.


Maximum Yield Explains Ultrasonic Fogger

Ultrasonic foggers are often used to mimic the same humid atmosphere found in rainforests. This system is low-cost and has been shown to yield excellent benefits for both root and plant development. While horticulturalists can purchase commercial ultrasonic foggers for large agricultural crops, it is possible to create an indoor garden with a small ultrasonic fogger.

Ultrasonic foggers can be used for propagation, whether horticulturalists are starting their crops from cuttings or seeds. This apparatus is also used for foliar feeding, where the nutrients are directly absorbed by the leaves without drenching the plants in water. Ultrasonic foggers are commonly used in mycology to grow mushrooms indoors since the humidity encourages and promotes mushroom growth.


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