Plant Factory

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Plant Factory Mean?

A plant factory is a commercial plant-growing facility. These facilities are closed growing systems that allow farmers to have a constant production of crops throughout an entire year.

When a farmer is growing within a plant factory, aspects such as light, moisture, carbon dioxide, and temperature can be controlled. Plants grown in plant factories are often grown vertically in hydroponic systems.


Maximum Yield Explains Plant Factory

Plant factories are considered by many to be the future of farming. Growing methods such as vertical farming and the growing implementation of urban agriculture have increased the interest and investment for plant factories and related technology. Additionally, it is thought that plant factories can provide a more efficient way to provide food for the world's growing population.

Plant factories are often high-tech and highly automated. They are able to produce crops year-round as opposed to traditional growing methods that are dependent on growing seasons. Additionally, plant factories are exceedingly efficient as they can yield up to four times faster and 20 times more than traditional, open-field agriculture.

Other benefits of plant factories are that more crops can be grown locally, or crops can even be grown at home with smaller versions. Additionally, plant factories allow crop quality to be controlled and constantly monitored.


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