What Does Sow Mean?

The word sow means nothing more than to plant seeds. However, depending on the type of garden and the gardener’s preferences, there are several types of sowing that can be used to plant seeds.


Maximum Yield Explains Sow

In order to grow plants, you have two options – you can buy plants already grown at a greenhouse or nursery and then plant them in your garden, or you can grow your plants from seed. Growing from seed is usually the most affordable option, but it is the most labor intensive and requires the most time. It will also require that you sow seeds.

The word “sow” means nothing more nor less than planting seeds. Whether you choose to sow your seeds on the surface of the soil, or bury them beneath a light covering of soil, you’re still sowing seeds. Of course, there are many different sowing methods depending on the type of seeds in question and your goals with the plants.

For instance, growing grass often requires a sowing process called broadcast spreading. You can use a spreader, or do it manually, but it ultimately comes down to throwing grass seeds out in long arcs, until the entire yard is covered.

Vegetables are different – you need to sow them according to the directions on the seed packet in the area where you’ll be planting. You may be using rows in your in-ground garden. You might be using containers, instead. Each plant has different conditions necessary for seed germination, which is the point of sowing seeds in the first place. Some need to be 1/2 to 1/4 inch under the soil. Others only need a light covering of dirt. Yet others need to be sown on the surface, and then watered in, and nothing more.

Ultimately, know what you’re sowing and why, and then follow the directions on the package to ensure that you’re giving your plants the best possible start.


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