Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Humidifier Mean?

A humidifier is a mechanical device that adds moisture or humidity to the air. A humidifier has a tank for holding water, which is eventually evaporated by a fan that distributes the moisture to the growroom or greenhouse.


Maximum Yield Explains Humidifier

Although greenhouses are often already humid environments, humidifiers are used in horticulture in a number of ways. For example, germinating seeds require more humidity than adult plants. A humidifier is used in this case to produce extra moisture in the greenhouse.

There are also specialty plants like orchids that require a higher humidity level than the plants themselves supply.

A humidifier is also commonly used for indoor agriculture where the climate outside is naturally extremely dry.

In a more general sense, humidifiers are common in households and add a level of comfort for the occupants. Particularly in the winter, a living room or office building can become very dry because of the constant blowing of hot air from the furnace. A humidifier can be used to replenish any lost moisture in the room.


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