Bottle Garden

What Does Bottle Garden Mean?

A bottle garden refers to a glass or plastic container that is used to grow plants. Not unlike terrariums, bottle gardens have a fairly narrow opening, which means the plants are not exposed to the outside environment. According to botanists, the oldest bottle garden in the world was first created in 1960.


Maximum Yield Explains Bottle Garden

These gardens are often used for decorative purposes since they can make for excellent focal points. In some cases, bottle gardens are also used as substitute gardens for high rise apartments, patios and other similar places with confined spaces. Because they are fairly easy to set up and maintain, these gardens can easily be looked after by amateur planters.

When starting your own bottle garden, it is essential to find a clear plastic or glass bottle that will allow plenty of sunlight. This type of garden also requires porous soil in order to provide proper root oxygenation while reducing the risks of rot and mold. To improve the soil’s draining system, some planters also choose to add a few inches of pea gravel to the very bottom of the bottle. When working with more fragile plants, some horticultural charcoal can also be added at the very top of the porous soil for added protection.

Low-growing and tropical plants are excellent options for bottle gardens because these plants flourish best in warm and humid conditions. Examples include Ti plants, Prayer plants, Southern Maidenhair Ferns, Polka-Dot plants, and Crotons.


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