Airlift Pump

What Does Airlift Pump Mean?

Airlift pumps are commonly used in aquaponics to pump water vertically using compressed air. This apparatus is often used in gardens where light suction is needed to water all the plants. Airlift pumps were first discovered in 1797 by German engineer Carl Emanuel Löscher. When used in aquaponics, these pumps offer a distinct advantage since the plants clean the water from the pump before transferring it back to the fish.


Maximum Yield Explains Airlift Pump

The main advantage of using airlift pumps is they use compressed air as their only energy. The air is normally compressed by a blower. However, airlift pumps may be quite expensive since compression requires a higher quantity of air as opposed to liquid flow. In cheaper models, the suction can also be quite limited which can be a problem for larger-scale crops.

Unlike other types of aquaponic pumps, airlift pumps have been shown to be very reliable since the liquid never comes in contact with other mechanical elements. In some cases, it can also be used as a water aerator to lift stagnant water from the bottom of the tank to the surface.


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