Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Stormwater Mean?

Stormwater refers to runoff or excess water caused by precipitation such as rain or melting snow.

In urban areas, stormwater runs through sewer grates into a piping system that most often drains into a lake or river. Excess stormwater can cause significant property damage through flooding and overflowing. Stormwater is also a major distributor of the pollutants it collects along its runoff path.


Maximum Yield Explains Stormwater

In natural environments, a multitude of plants help absorb and utilize most stormwater, with any excess simply emptying into lakes, streams, or rivers.

Stormwater may also be collected and treated for human consumption and in some areas is a major source of drinking water.

Horticulturalists can collect stormwater in rain barrels or retention ponds for irrigation use during dry periods.

Stormwater can also be controlled through the development of rain gardens consisting of plants that can tolerate both moist conditions and prolonged dry periods.


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