Halogen Lamp

Last Updated: March 26, 2019

Definition - What does Halogen Lamp mean?

Occasionally used in indoor gardening, halogen lamps refer to high-pressure lamps emitting incandescent light and containing a mixture of halogen gases such as bromine and iodine. These gases have been known to help the filaments operate at much higher efficacies and temperatures. In some cases, however, halogen lamps cannot be used to grow plants due to their higher operating temperatures and limited spectrum.

MaximumYield explains Halogen Lamp

According to experts, while halogen lamps are not necessarily the best forms of indoor grow lights, they have been shown to produce better results in some cases. In fact, halogen lamps can be up to 30 percent brighter than regular grow lamps such as incandescent ones. These can also be more cost-efficient since they have a life of 2,000 hours and can stay brighter for much longer.

However, while these produce an excellent source of red light, halogen lamps do not produce much blue light, reducing the impact of the light intensity. In such cases, gardeners can try to supplement the grow tray with various types of artificial or natural lights in order to replace the blue end of the light spectrum.

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