Incandescent Lamp

Last Updated: January 24, 2017

Definition - What does Incandescent Lamp mean?

An incandescent lamp is a light source containing a filament within a vacuum-sealed glass bulb that is heated until it glows. Electricity flows through the filament and the result is the glowing effect of the bulb.

Incandescent lamps are a primary lighting source for many applications.

MaximumYield explains Incandescent Lamp

For decades the incandescent lamp was the primary lighting source for homes, industry and grow lights. However, it has fallen out of favor with the development of fluorescent, CFL, LED, and other more efficient forms of lighting.

Incandescent lamps only convert about 5% of their energy into light, with the remaining energy converted to heat.

The incandescent lamp is typically measured as producing 16 lumens per watt. A compact florescent bulb rates at 60 lumens per watt, compared to up to 150 lumens for some LED lamps.

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