Candlepower Distribution Curve

What Does Candlepower Distribution Curve Mean?

In grow lights, the candlepower distribution curve refers to how the intensity of a light source is distributed from a luminaire or reflector lamp. According to experts, a uniform illumination system can be achieved if the distance between the grow area and floodlights correspond to the area’s width which is limited by the light source’s half beam angles.


Maximum Yield Explains Candlepower Distribution Curve

Consequently, a grow area which is illuminated from the ground, the plant is only exposed to a third of the candlepower distribution. When growing plants indoors, it is important to remember that the light source will emit at different intensities and in varying directions.

A light fixture’s candlepower depends upon various factors such as the lamp-ballast selection, shielding type and reflector design. According to some botanists, the value of the candlepower can be measured according to the number of vertical planes in the light fixture. In lighting practices, the planes that are more commonly used are positioned at an angle of 45° to the light’s axes and parallel to it.


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