What Does Candlepower Mean?

In horticulture, candlepower refers to a light source’s luminous intensity. This term was first coined by England’s Metropolitan Gas Act of 1860. When growing plants indoors, it is advisable to properly distribute the candlepower inside the grow box for proper development. Adequate candlepower has also been shown to boost plant growth.


Maximum Yield Explains Candlepower

To convert lumens into candlepower, use a calculator to divide the lumens output by 12.57. For example, if a grow lamp has a lumen of 25.14, the candlepower is 2. It is crucial to ensure that plants are exposed to proper candle power distribution to ensure adequate development while keeping certain plant-borne diseases at bay. According to growers, low-light intensity plants should only be exposed to 50 and 250-foot candles.

Spotlights are also measured by candlepower: in this case, a spotlight that has a candlepower of 10,000,000 is equal to the light emitted by 10 million candles.


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