Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Deciduous Mean?

The word deciduous literally means, “falling off”. In horticulture, this word refers to those shrubs and trees that tend to lose their leaves on a seasonal basis, most commonly in the autumn, although some plants shed their leaves in winter.

Deciduous shrubs and trees tend to regrow their leaves in the spring, when the plant returns to full bloom. Because most deciduous trees have flat and broad leaves, they tend to lose water quickly, which is why they start to shed as the weather grows cooler.


Maximum Yield Explains Deciduous

Deciduous trees include beeches, maples and oaks, among many other varieties that grow in every part of the world.

Popular deciduous trees that can be grown at home include, but are not limited to, redbud, dogwood, and crepe myrtle. Some fruit trees, such as peach and plum, also fall into the deciduous category. These deciduous trees can be purchased in dwarf size and are ideal for homeowners with smaller yards since they do not claim a lot of space.

As far as shrubs are concerned, the deciduous varieties include azalea, butterfly bush, and barberry. They are commonly used in wildlife habitats or to create privacy screens in the lawn.


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