What Does Strain Mean?

In botany, the term strain refers to variations found within plant cultivars. It also refers to the offspring that descend from modified plants. These plants are either produced by biotechnological methods or through regular breeding.

In some cases, different strains result from genetic mutations. The word strain commonly applies to cultivars such as azaleas, rhododendrons, daffodils, camellias, cannabis, and roses.


Maximum Yield Explains Strain

When grown directly from seed, strains tend to retain their characteristics. For instance, when it comes to rice, fresh genetic materials are inserted into the plant to create new rice strains. Each strain contains its own set of unique and exclusive genetic information that will be transferred to the next generation of rice plants. It is possible to breed the strains in the rice plants into cultivars or other strains.

In modern horticulture, cultivars and strains are actually harvested and used more than varieties.


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