Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Misting Mean?

Misting is the process of spraying fine particles of water or other liquids on a plant. Misting creates cloud-like moist conditions for plants. It is a common practice in the growroom and greenhouse with many applications.


Maximum Yield Explains Misting

Misting in the greenhouse is done through tenting with plastic and providing a constant fine mist of water. It is also the process used in aeroponics, a form of hydroponics.

Newly potted trees or shrubs can be tented and misted to help them break bud. Because a hard flow of water could wash out seeds and seedlings, misting is also often used in the greenhouse or growroom to help with the germination of certain plants. Misting is also often used on delicate plant cuttings in cloning domes.

Some plants such as orchids require a higher humidity and can be tented and misted in order to periodically provide them with more moisture. Plants like Boston, staghorn or Eastern fern also benefit from an occasional misting because they draw in moisture through the atmosphere as well as their roots.

Certain liquid fertilizers can also be applied with water in a fine mist in order to feed a plant through its foliage. This is referred to as foliar feeding, a highly debated practice among gardeners.


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