Simple Fruit

Last updated: August 29, 2018

What Does Simple Fruit Mean?

In botany, a fruit that is formed by a single ovary is defined as a simple fruit. The single ovary of a simple fruit must contain one or more carpel. For a simple fruit to be formed, a single flower needs to grow with a combination of only one pistil and either a simple or compound ovary.


Maximum Yield Explains Simple Fruit

Simple fruits are among three main groups of fruit classifications determined by botanists and simple fruits are varied in structure and texture. There are two types of simple fruits, dry and fleshy. As the name suggests, dry simple fruits are dry in nature and generally have a seed, though dry simple fruits might not always have seeds. Examples of dry, simple fruits range from coconut to wheat to nuts like walnut, peanut and hazelnut. Fleshy simple fruits, as the name suggests, are entirely fleshy or have a part of the fruit that is fleshy. For example, fleshy simple fruits include berries (e.g., cranberry, tomato) and some fruits (e.g., apples, pears).


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