Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Russet Mean?

Russet is a color that is a reddish brown hue. It is often used to refer to the color on a plant. Russet potatoes are an example of the word russet being used in a plant’s name.

Russet refers to the potatoes distinct reddish-brown shading. Certain dessert apples are also called russets because of their coloration. Russet apples have a brown, rough skin texture.


Maximum Yield Explains Russet

The word russet is derived from old Middle Eastern term 'rous', which translates into brownish-red and was often used to describe a shade of hair.

Russet is also a term used in reference to a brown homespun cloth that was extremely popular in the 1800s. The rough russet material was commonly worn by lower-income individuals who could not afford softer, more colorful clothing.

Russet is also a form of mite that attacks a wide array of crops. The mites are called ‘russet’ because of their telltale coloration. Contrary to what it sounds like, russet mites don't singularly attach russet potatoes!

In fact, russet mites pose a significant danger to tomato crops, especially in Florida. They are similar to spider mites in appearance and behavior, but unlike spider mites, russet mites do not spin webs.



Russet Mite

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