Root Cutting

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Root Cutting Mean?

A root cutting is a portion of plant root cut that is used for plant propagation. In this method of plant propagation, the portion of root is cut from a parent plant (often called a mother plant), placed in a growing medium, and then left to grow its own system of roots and stems. This process results in the creation of an entirely new, separate plant that is often considered a 'clone' of the parent plant, with the same genetic qualities.


Maximum Yield Explains Root Cutting

Plant propagation can occur through a number of different methods (see 'seed propagation'). However, the process of propagation through root cuttings is a simple process, and can be implemented by novice gardeners. Additionally, root cuttings are easily obtained from perennials, as well as woody plants like trees and shrubs. This method of propagation is best accomplished during a plant's dormant season.

To take a root cutting from a plant, carefully remove dirt from around the roots from a small area on one side of the plant. Next, choose the roots to cut. For woody plants, root cuttings should generally be as thick as a pencil. For perennials, large fleshy roots are the best for cuttings. The cuttings can then be placed in soil, or in a nutrient solution to encourage growth.


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