Sirius Black

What Does Sirius Black Mean?

While any Harry Potter fan will be quick to tell you about the origin of the name Sirius Black, you don’t have to be waiting for your Hogwart’s letter to arrive to appreciate this strain’s deep purple, near-black colors, or its serious potency.

Sirius black’s effects and chemistry are both prototypical of a modern, high end hybrid, and yet it has distinct visual characteristics and a huge terpene profile that make it completely unique. The strain is indica-dominant, with 80/20 genetics, and THC content for quality grows has been measured as high as 25%.


Maximum Yield Explains Sirius Black

While author J.K. Rowling must be credited for the name, the Sirius Black cannabis strain comes to us by way of the Oregon Breeders Group. The actual lineage of Sirius Black has been kept secret by the breeders up to this point—perhaps one final nod to the obnoxiously mysterious character it was named after.

Upon your first encounter, the eyes are at once drawn to the deep purple colors of a Sirius Black bud. These dramatic visuals are paired with a whopping terpene experience that carries you from tart citrus fruits to sweet berries on a wave of classic cannabis earthiness.

While its origins are shrouded in mystery, seeds aren’t hard to come by. Those who’ve had success growing Sirius Black report flowering times ranging from 63 days to 107, depending on conditions, with the best plants yielding up to 650 grams per square meter.


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