What Does Zkittles Mean?

Zkittles is a strain reminiscent of the nearly-eponymous chewy fruit candy. For this reason, the Zkittles strain lends itself to a lot of fruit-oriented edibles and flavored vape products. Those fruity flavors also serve smokers well, however. Zkittles has been a popular bud for all uses since emerging as an award winning strain around 2015.

Zkittles, which may also be found marketed as Skillz or ZkittleZ regionally, is an indica-leaning hybrid. The exact ratio will vary from breeder to breeder, but it is often found as a 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid today. Zkittles harvested from a competent grow will test around 20% THC.


Maximum Yield Explains Zkittles

Zkittles is a crossbreed of two classic strains, the indica Grape Ape and the sativa Grapefruit. As evidenced by their names, Zkittles’s two parent strains are also known for their big, fruity terpene profiles. The combination of the rich grape and citrussy grapefruit flavors combine for an experience that speaks to a full spectrum of fruity flavors—much like opening a bag of your favorite fruit candies.

Zkittles goes a step beyond its namesake by letting users see the rainbow in addition to tasting it—and that’s not a Reefer Madness style warning about hallucinations. While Zkittles is certainly a powerful hybrid, we’re talking about the beautiful flower sites on a Zkittles plant, which feature a range of greens, purples, and oranges as your eyes travel from the dark leaves, through the dense, sparkling buds to the tips of the ripe pistils.

As with many hybrids, users report a range of effects culminating in a well-rounded, multifaceted high. Relaxation, focus, and help with social situations are some of the properties most often touted by Zkittles fans.




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