Apple Fritter

By: Leo Siren
| Last updated: September 16, 2022

What Does Apple Fritter Mean?

Apple Fritter is a flavorful strain of cannabis that earned its name for the sweet and spicy terpene profile that makes it somewhat reminiscent of the popular bakery treat of the same name. Apple Fritter is a well balanced indica-sativa hybrid typically testing from 27% to 30% THC (and less than 1% CBD).

Apple Fritter is a beloved strain for cannabis connoisseurs who love big, fruity flavors and high potency buds, but its history is sometimes a matter of debate within the community. The most credible origin story says that Apple Fritter was created by crossbreeding Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, two other strains known for their potency and unmistakable terpene profiles.


Maximum Yield Explains Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter offers users an intense experience that starts out with a euphoric rush. Many users link the initial Apple Fritter high with increased creativity. Be warned, however, that as the high develops, users also link the strain with decreased productivity and pronounced sedative properties. Many recommend it for an evening where your plans don’t go much further than your couch. These consistently strong effects also make Apple Fritter a great choice for medicinal and therapeutic applications. The sedative effects make it of particular interest to those suffering from insomnia or restlessness.

The mysterious provenance of the Apple Fritter strain can be a problem for anyone wishing to grow it themselves. Opportunities to find clones or even seeds of Apple Fritter cannabis are few and far between in most areas. Those who have the strain currently tend to treat it as something of a trade secret. Reliable advice for growing your own Apple Fritter can be pretty difficult to track down as a result. Based on its (probable) lineage and the limited body of data available, an indoor Apple Fritter grow should be expected to produce between ½ oz and 1 oz per square foot, on plants ranging from 2½ to 5 feet in height, with a flowering time of around 45 to 50 days.


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