What Does Do-Si-Dos Mean?

Do-Si-Dos is a powerful, indica-heavy hybrid cannabis strain (70% indica; 30% sativa) developed in Portland by Archive Seed Bank in 2016. Due to its serious potency and beautiful visuals, it rapidly spread to the Colorado and California retail markets from there.

Do-Si-Dos tests at 28% THC and 1% CBD, making it quite strong even by the high standards of contemporary hybrids. It makes an excellent option for indica purists looking to branch out into hybrids for daytime use.


Maximum Yield Explains Do-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos was derived from OG Kush Breath, which is itself derived from the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain (depending who you ask). Do-Si-Dos shares traits with both of those noteworthy ancestors, including a fast-acting and euphoric initial high. This rush gradually and pleasantly mellows out into an experience that can be described as both blissful and cerebral. High grade body and muscle relaxation properties will also be revealed as the user settles into these indica-like vibes.

For those who are big on presentation, Do-Si-Dos is also one of the more visually striking cannabis strains on the market today. Do-Si-Dos plants are prized for their verdant flower sites, beautiful lime and purple leaves, and remarkably shimmery trichomes.

The smell and taste of Do-Si-Dos offers that pungent blend of earthy and floral that experienced smokers will immediately associate with high quality cannabis.



Dosi Doe, Dosidos, Dosi

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