By: Mary Jane Lafleur
| Last updated: June 22, 2022

What Does Backwoods Mean?

Backwoods is a slang term for a certain type of hand-rolled cannabis cigar which uses a tobacco leaf versus a paper blunt wrap.

The name Backwoods comes from a cigar brand whose tobacco leaf wraps are removed and reused to roll a blunt.


Maximum Yield Explains Backwoods

Backwoods brand cigars are wrapped with raw tobacco leaves rather than a paper made from tobacco pulp and other additives like most mass-produced cigars. For this reason, they've become a popular product amongst the cannabis community to repurpose into a cannabis blunt.

A Backwoods blunt is created by unravelling the tobacco leaf wrapper from a Backwoods cigar, removing its contents, and replacing it with ground cannabis. A typical Backwoods cigar can hold up to three grams of weed per blunt.

A paper blunt can be tricky to roll compared to a joint because of it's heavy stiff paper, and a Backwoods blunt is even trickier. The ability to roll a Backwoods blunt is a skill worth bragging over in the cannabis community.

Some users claim Backwoods blunts provide an extra buzz due to the combination of cannabis and tobacco. Backwoods cigars also come in flavored varieties like Honey Bourbon, Black Russian, and Dark Stout.



Backwood, Backwoods Blunt, Backwood Blunt

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