What Does Reflector Mean?

A reflector is nothing more than a device used to reflect light from one area to another in order to ensure healthy growth of plants. Reflectors are primarily used with indoor gardening, but there are options for shady outdoor areas, too.


Maximum Yield Explains Reflector

To grow healthy and strong, plants need only a few things. They need nutrition. They need water. They need light. For many growers, ensuring those things are present can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to light. That’s especially true for indoor growing applications. While grow lights can help, they’re often not enough to replace the natural radiation of the sun. A reflector can help.

A reflector is nothing more than a device designed to reflect light back toward a plant that would otherwise be scattered elsewhere. These usually mount around grow lights, and help to direct the photons emitted toward the growing area. You’ll find a range of brands out there, including Xtrasun, Adjust-A-Wing, Cool Tube, Daystar, and many others. They come in a number of shapes, too, from gull-wing style to square reflectors, rectangular, tubular, and more.

However, while reflectors do help ensure optimum light for growing plants, they can cause additional problems, most particularly a buildup of heat, which must be watched closely in an indoor growing environment. Reflector coolers are designed to help cool down the reflector and transfer the stored heat somewhere else.

Note that while reflector use is primarily centered around indoor growing, there are reflectors designed for outdoor use. These work differently from the ones discussed above. Essentially, they’re simple reflective pieces that help reflect sunlight into shaded areas around a home, lawn or garden to help maximize available growing space.


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