Jazz Cigarette

What Does Jazz Cigarette Mean?

Jazz Cigarette is a slang term for a cannabis, specifically a joint. The term originated in jazz clubs and the American jazz scene of the 1920s.

Along with jazz cigarette, other cannabis slang words coined by the community during this era include grass, tea, muggles, and reefer.


Maximum Yield Explains Jazz Cigarette

New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz music, was a popular stop for travelers in the early 20th century with its proximity to ports, a lively music scene, recreational cannabis use, and red light district. With brothels being one of the primary venues in the early days of jazz, it is here that the term "jazz cigarette" was born.

Many jazz musicians of this era preferred smoking a "jazz cigarette" over alcohol for the creativity-boosting, relaxing, and spirit-lifting effects of cannabis. Numerous jazz tunes were written about marijuana, including "Reefer Man" by Cab Calloway, "Muggles" by Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra, and "Reefer Song" by Fats Waller.

Unfortunately, the fact that cannabis was recreationally enjoyed by immigrants and the black community was a driving factor of marijuana prohibition in the USA.


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