Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Hypochlorite Mean?

Hypochlorite is an ion of chlorite and oxygen used in a chemical formulation most commonly known as bleach.


Maximum Yield Explains Hypochlorite

Hypochlorite is a broad-spectrum germicide that has many uses in horticulture. Hypochlorite kills microorganisms on contact and is used as a common disinfectant.

It is used to sterilize pots, trays, pruners, and other equipment in the growroom or greenhouse so they can be safely be used again. Hypochlorite is valuable for preventing the spread of diseases by sterilizing any surface it comes in contact with.

Research has shown that sterilizing greenhouse pots and trays can also reduce some infestations of certain insects and pathogenic fungus.

Chlorine gas is an irritant to the human respiratory system, so proper ventilation and equipment should be used when applying hypochlorite. Oftentimes, hypochlorite is diluted before it is applied to surfaces.




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