High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract (HTFSE)

Last updated: September 6, 2022

What Does High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) Mean?

High-terpene full-spectrum extract (HTFSE) is a full spectrum extract (FSE) with a specifically-targeted, enhanced terpene profile.

By targeting and intensifying these terpenes, flavonoids, proteins, phenols, sterols, and esters, the delicate flavors and aromas present in an FSE can be strongly enhanced. The resulting product contains a more rich and robust flavor profile, heightening the user experience, yet still contains the character and individual chemical make-up of the original plant.


Maximum Yield Explains High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract (HTFSE)

A full spectrum extract (FSE) is an extraction from a cannabis strain that captures the strain’s unique psychoactive chemical combination and preserves the delicate, full-range of pharmacologically active chemical components. This results in a full-flavored and full-aroma product with the taste, smell, character, and individual chemical make-up of the original plant.

FSEs such as HTFSE are created through the process of extraction. The cannabis extraction process uses a volatile organic compound (VOC) to separate the target chemical components from the plant material, ideally comprising the full spectrum of cannabis’s chemical content.

The terpenes and other compounds preserved in an HTFSE include both those that have been identified, such as linalool, myrcene, humulene, and limonene, as well as others not yet identified or understood by current research (with over 400 unidentified compounds present). Heat, oxidation, and decarboxylation can easily destroy many of the most sensitive yet desirable terpenes and flavonoids, so temperature management is key for successful FSE extraction.

The information on this page is purely informational and should not be considered instructional. The creation of cannabis extracts can be extremely dangerous and requires a full understanding of the process and risks involved.


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