Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Percolator Mean?

Percolators are the extra sub-water chambers often installed within bongs to enhance the filtration process. This provides a smoother smoking experience while reducing the risk of coughing. Percolators also use pressure to cool the smoke to produce a thicker inhale and a more enjoyable smoking experience.


Maximum Yield Explains Percolator

The sub-level chambers allow for dual water filtration levels that encourage the smoke to rise more evenly. The size, design, and shape of the percolator often varies according to the type of bong.

Honeycomb percolators, for example, consist of round discs that are fitted in the tube to provide cooled hits without affecting the smoking process. Inline percolators, on the other hand, have horizontal tubes with slits for percolation.

Turbine percolators are more aesthetically pleasing since they are designed to provide highly effective filtration as well as stunning visuals whenever the water travels up the pipe.

Other types of percolators include Matrix, Fitted Disc, Showerhead Percs, and Coil percolators.


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