Micron Grade

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Micron Grade Mean?

Micron grade refers to the size of the bubble bags that are commonly used to collect cannabinoids from a cannabis plant during the bubble hash-making process. 1µ of micron is equal to a millionth of a meter. Numerous micron grades are used to produce a THC-rich and fine solution which is then processed into bubble hash.


Maximum Yield Explains Micron Grade

Micron grade increases in different stages during the bubble hash-making process. For example, the first layer may equal 25 micron, while the last one may equal 120 micron.

The most popular micron grades are 73u, 90u, and 140u. The correct micron size bag depends on many factors, including the input material. For instance, kief, hash, and flower have different requirements in terms of micron grade.

The micron screen size largely influences the quality of the final product. Larger screen sizes have been known to produce lower-quality bubble hash since it allows more contaminants to mix with the final product. On the other hand, smaller screens produce purer resin glands.


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