Heat Cleaning

Definition - What does Heat Cleaning mean?

Heat cleaning refers to the process of deep cleaning a marijuana banger with heat with the purpose of removing any residual concentrate. This also enhances the banger’s efficiency by allowing it to retain heat for longer periods of time. Regular maintenance has also been shown to deepen the flavor of the concentrate while extending the nail durability.

MaximumYield explains Heat Cleaning

During heat cleaning, the nail is heated on a dab ring for a long period of time. Heat cleaning can prevent devitrification, a process during which cannabis residue cooks into the material. Bangers should be regularly cleaned to prevent contaminants, oils, and other such debris to interfere with the crystallization process.

After heating the banger, you can run a cotton swab on the inside while it’s still warm to get rid of any charred remains. In rare cases, users may need to use a few drops of isopropyl alcohol after heat cleaning to get rid of any stubborn particulate.

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