Definition - What does Combustion mean?

When it comes to cannabis, combustion usually occurs between 1112°F and 1652°F. By comparison, the temperature for vape pens lies between 320°F and 446°F.

According to most cannabis enthusiasts, vaping provides a safer experience since no byproducts are released. On the other hand, combustion may encourage the production of toxic byproducts that can consequently lead to bronchitis and other similar respiratory issues.

MaximumYield explains Combustion

During vaporization, the combustion point of cannabis normally lies at around 392°F. During combustion, the plant’s resin cannabinoids are heated up to create a vapor without being ignited.

This vapor can therefore be inhaled with virtually none of the harmful side effects that usually accompany traditional smoking. Vaporizers such as portable vapes, vape pens, and desktop vaporizers all provide safer combustion points.

Dry herbal vaporizers completely eliminate the process of combustion and ensure that no smoke enters the user’s lungs. With dry herbal vaporizers, the product is heated right before it reaches the point of combustion and extracts all the aromas and flavors with little to no smoke.

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