Amp Joint

Definition - What does Amp Joint mean?

Amp joint is a slang term used to describe a cannabis cigarette that is rolled with some other narcotic. As the term suggests, it is a joint that is amplified. The type of narcotic rolled up can vary. Identifying this term can be useful in detecting a potential misuse of medical marijuana and to mitigate the abuse of certain illegal substances.

MaximumYield explains Amp Joint

Cannabis is the scientific name for marijuana and there are multiple ways this is consumed. Typically, it is smoked from a pipe or a bong. It is often the bud portion, known as flower or nuggets, of the cannabis plant that is consumed with a pipe or bong.

It can be rolled in a piece of paper called a joint or a blunt. It can also be vaporized with a vape.

An amp joint is a combination of cannabis and some other narcotic combined and rolled.

While cannabis has many medicinal values, uninformed use and harmful combinations can have adverse results. There are many different slang words for each type of combination. Understanding this information is key in detecting marijuana abuse, addiction and providing support. There are also laws that make cannabis legal but not narcotics.

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