Nutrient Solution

Last updated: October 31, 2018

What Does Nutrient Solution Mean?

A nutrient solution is a carefully proportioned liquid fertilizer used in hydroponic gardening. Nutrient solutions are available as a commercial product or in some cases hydroponic gardeners may mix their own. The nutrient solution is the primary nutrition plants receive in hydroponics, so it is essential that the solution is properly proportioned to maximize success.


Maximum Yield Explains Nutrient Solution

Various types of nutrient solutions are available, such as a bloom mix, or specific formulations for tomatoes or lettuce. There’s one part, two part, or three part solutions; so knowing your specific needs is essential.

Plants require sixteen elements for successful growing that are derived from the air, fertilizers, and water. Nutrient solutions are formulated to include the proper nutrient proportions that plants do not obtain on their own.

In conventional gardening plants obtain most or all of their nutrients from the soil, but that isn’t the case with hydroponic growing, as these plants are grown in water and receive their nutrients from the nutrition solution.

Plants require very little outside nutrition during the early stages of growth, but those needs change throughout the season. A plant that is forming and growing fruit requires more nutrients than a seedling as it emerges. Consequently, different nutrient solution formulations are used as the plants mature.


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