What Does Beedies Mean?

Beedies refer to hand-rolled cigarettes or mini-cigars made with tobacco flakes and wrapped in dried leaves. Very popular on the Indian subcontinent, beedies can also be found in some parts of the Middle East and throughout South Asia. In 2008, beedies accounted for over 48% of Indian tobacco consumption.


Maximum Yield Explains Beedies

Mainly manufactured in Southeast Asia and most parts of India, beedies are commonly wrapped in temburni or tendu leaves. They are exported to more than 100 countries. The main advantage of beedies is that they’re cheaper than regular cigarettes. As a result, they are more commonly consumed. Beedies are produced in an assortment of flavors, including cherry, pineapple, mint, lime, lemon, mango, and chocolate.

Belonging to the Diospyros Melanoxylon family, tendu leaves are especially favored to produce beedies since they are durable and easily pliable. These leaves are quite abundant after tobacco crop curing. After being collected, tendu leaves are grouped into small bundles and allowed to dry in the sun for three to six days. On their own, tendu leaves provide many antimicrobial properties.

According to experts, beedies are far more dangerous than traditional tobacco since they deliver increased amounts of tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine. Consequently, this increases the risk of oral cancer.


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