Fertilizer Injector

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Fertilizer Injector Mean?

A fertilizer injector simplifies the process of properly fertilizing plants. This tool measures out liquid concentrates of anything you want to put on your plant (for example pest control sprays, fertilizers, soil inoculants) and mixes them with an adequate amount of water. The fertilizer injector is then joined to a water hose.

This tool is an efficient way to nourish plants because it delivers liquid nutrients directly to the plant's roots making fertilizing easier and fast absorbing. Depending on the type of fertilizer injector, water pressure can be maintained and the injector paired up with sprinkler systems.


Maximum Yield Explains Fertilizer Injector

Fertilizer injectors can make plants more vibrant and also reduce the amount of fertilizer used.

There are two main types of fertilizer injectors. One type uses a pump to transfer fertilizer solution from the stock tank into the system, and the other type uses water pressure.

To ensure optimal use it is essential to correctly size the system. The injector's flow rate and the ratio of concentrated fertilizer to water should be kept in mind when purchasing a fertilizer injector.


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