Nutrient Doser

Last Updated: January 29, 2019

Definition - What does Nutrient Doser mean?

A nutrient doser is a system of equipment that helps maintain pH and nutrient levels in a hydroponics system. Some nutrient dosers come equipped to monitor four or more solutions and with probes that measure the reservoir of the fertilizer or other chemicals.

This tool initiates automatic dosing at pre-configured levels. An automatic nutrient doser ensures stable chemical levels, prevents overcorrecting, saves on labor, and avoids shocking the plants from a sudden change to their environment. Nutrient dosers promote healthy and steady plant growth.

MaximumYield explains Nutrient Doser

Nutrient dosers work by pulling nutrients into an injector and mixing them with water to produce precise parts per million (ppm) or electrical conductivity (EC) levels. A nutrient doser is usually set up in a garden that has several wall-mounted injectors, with each of them having a tube that runs into a container of raw nutrient. As several parts of a nutrient regimen cannot be premixed due to adverse reactions, nutrient dosers keep all the chemical parts separate until they are fed into the water line.

Automatic nutrient dosers help to avoid human errors and in most cases can create higher yields than plants grown through a manual dosing system.

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