Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Bucking Mean?

Bucking is part of the hemp flower harvesting process. This is a term used to define a dry trimming technique used to increase cannabis yields. The bucking process involves trimming small branches or buds from plants and leaving the larger stalk to grow. With a rise in cannabis demand over the years, there has also been an increase in dry and wet bucking machines.


Maximum Yield Explains Bucking

Bucking ensures that the plant's stalk continues to grow without obstruction. While the stalk of the plant has euphoric components, the bud and small branches can be extracted to create hemp oil.

Along with increasing the yield of the plant, bucking also allows cannabis growers to benefit from buds and branches that can stunt stalk growth. There are two methods for bucking: dry and wet. There are also machines available to facilitate these trimming methods.

Bucking is considered the first step in the harvesting process. Dry bucking involves removing the buds and small branches once they are dry. This method is generally, applied on cannabis that is grown outdoors.

Dry bucking can take place over time as the harvest is dry and ready for immediate use. Wet bucking involves removing the buds of the plant that are not dry yet. This is generally applied on cannabis grown indoors. It's also worth nothing that wet bucking does not yield buds ready for immediate use as the harvest first needs to be dried.


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