Cannabis Ruderalis

Last Updated: December 27, 2019

Definition - What does Cannabis Ruderalis mean?

Cannabis ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant. The other most common types of cannabis plants are indica and sativa. Although there is debate as to whether cannabis ruderalis is a type of sativa cannabis plant, the general consensus is that it's a standalone variety. Until recently, cannabis ruderalis has predominantly been considered a wild variety of cannabis and has risen in popularity with the increased use of medicinal marijuana. Cannabis ruderalis is a THC plant that is native to Eastern Europe.

MaximumYield explains Cannabis Ruderalis

Although cannabis ruderalis is now cultivated commercially, it's still largely considered to be a wild weed. It's also seen as the smallest plant out of the entire cannabis family due to its small buds. The biggest benefit of cannabis ruderalis is that it autoflowers and does not require much care and consideration for cultivation. On the flip side, cannabis ruderalis is known to have significantly lower percentages of THC.

Despite its low THC count, cannabis ruderalis has high levels of CBD. This makes it a popular choice among medicinal cannabis users. It is especially known to help with anxiety and insomnia. The low levels of THC in cannabis ruderalis mean that this is not a preferred choice among recreational cannabis users. While THC components in cannabis ruderalis is low, it can easily become a hybrid plant with higher THC potency.

Cannabis ruderalis has been steadily growing in popularity recently as a result of its autoflowering efficiency, fast growth cycle, and hybrid capabilities.

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