Trimming Machine

Definition - What does Trimming Machine mean?

In gardening, a trimming machine is used to trim flower buds. This apparatus consists of adjustable shears and lever-operated knives. While trimming buds by hand is a delicate and time-consuming process, trimming machines help improve quality and efficiency for professional growers.

MaximumYield explains Trimming Machine

When working with cannabis, growers have the choice of opting for either a wet or dry trimming process. Since wet trimming can only be done by hand before the plant dries, many growers opt for the simplicity of a dry trimming machine.

The vast majority of trimming machines are equipped with a curved blade designed to cut, trim, and prune spherical shrubs or plants. Unlike hand trimmers, which only produce up to a pound of product in a day or two, bud trimming machines produce up to four pounds in just one hour. Dry trimmers can also be used to trim problematic plants, such as herbs, roses, shrubs, perennials, or younger fruit trees.

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