Hand Rolled

What Does Hand Rolled Mean?

Unlike commercial cigarettes, cannabis is usually consumed after users hand-roll their own joints. In most cases, rolling papers can be used to hand roll a joint. Since rolling papers are not readily available in developing countries, these are replaced by brown paper or beedies. Cigarettes may also be used by scraping out the insides.


Maximum Yield Explains Hand Rolled

Contemporary papers for hand rolling cannabis normally vary in size and are manufactured from diverse materials, including flax, hemp, and rice. Sometimes, rolling papers may come in different flavors such as licorice.

The following supplies are needed when learning how to roll a joint:

  • Cannabis grinder
  • Crutch for the filter
  • Rolling paper
  • Cannabis strain
  • Pen-shaped object to pack the roll

It is important to properly dry the cannabis before rolling to help it break down more easily. While a grinder is ideal, it is possible to break down the herb using a mortar and pestle or scissors. It can also be done by hand.


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