Oil Pen

Last updated: March 28, 2020

What Does Oil Pen Mean?

An oil pen, or vape pen, is used to vaporize marijuana concentrates known as hash oil that are loaded into a cartridge. Hash oil is a yellow resin that is normally chemically extracted from the plant. Normally, whole flowers are not vaporized in this way. Most vape pens work in a similar way. Power is generated from a battery, and is then brought to the heating chamber.


Maximum Yield Explains Oil Pen

An oil pen comprises of various parts, including the battery life indicator, cartridge, 510 threads, charger, power button, and the charging cable. These pens are either disposable or rechargeable. Disposable units often come with a pre-filled tank, internal battery, and coil. On the other hand, rechargeable oil pens are either draw-activated or turned on by the push-button.

The oil is heated until vapor is produced, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. This method of vaporization is preferred over the tried and true combustion method, which consists of rolling up a joint and lighting it, or taking bong rips. Vaporization is safer than smoking in that it does not produce nearly as many carcinogens or ash. Also, little to no odor is created when hash oil is vaporized.This is a plus for discreet use of cannabis, although there are ways of tuning the pen so that it produces thick clouds of vapor, and there are also several flavored varieties of hash oil available on the market.


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