Cherry Crush

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Cherry Crush Mean?

Cherry Crush is a strain of cannabis. It is a hybrid mix that is about 60/40 in favor of sativa. The result is a smooth balance between cerebral and physical effects and a smokable flower. Sweet and earthy in taste, it's a cross between Tangie and Cherry Kola with dense and sticky buds. The strain has a skunky aroma. In appearance, it has plenty of crystal trichomes, orange hairs, and a verdant green color.

From the very beginning, Cherry Crush provides the same energetic results as a sativa. Then, as the effects wear off, the indica supplies a physical feeling of relaxation.

It has a high THC content which means that it is recommended for more experienced smokers.


Maximum Yield Explains Cherry Crush

The Cherry Crush strain is popular for boosting creativity. It has the physical effects of helping the user feel euphoric, relaxed, and clear-headed. Cherry Crush gives a notable and pleasant body high and can invigorate the body when smoked. Cherry Crush is also noted as an ideal strain for stress, anxiety, as well as nausea.

Although various cannabis strains have different effects on each person, Cherry Crush is known to cause "couch lock", the munchies and may also have a slight numbing effect on the body.


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