Irrigation System

What Does Irrigation System Mean?

Best suited to larger gardens, irrigation systems can help reduce your workload by automatically water your plants and crops. More efficient than manual watering, irrigation systems are affordable and easy to set-up. One of the more popular types of automatic irrigation is the outdoor drip irrigation system.


Maximum Yield Explains Irrigation System

There are four main types of irrigation systems:

Soaker Hose System: This technique involves a porous pipe that is set-up to gradually release water along the entire crop length. The main advantage of a soaker hose system is that it provides deep soaking, making it perfect for hedgerows, vegetable patches, and flower borders. Smaller versions are available for containers.

Mini Sprinkler System: These cover up to a five-meter radius and diffuse larger drops of water to minimize evaporation during irrigation. Most stores carry pre-made mini sprinklers that only need to be installed.

Micro Spray Jets: Unlike mini sprinklers, this particular irrigation system delivers a finer spray of water and covers an area of up to two meters. As a result, they are ideal for smaller crops. These tend to be more cost-effective than most other irrigation systems.

Drip irrigation Systems: Among the most popular and efficient of all garden watering systems, this mechanism delivers water directly to the plants’ roots. A network of pipes is set-up around the garden and because it gradually releases water, this system is also known for reducing water waste.


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